Furniture lift rental  

Increase efficiency and safety with our lifting solutions.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, renting a furniture lift can prove essential in many circumstances (delivery of bulky goods, moving, installation of a heating system, etc.).

Specialized company in moving, we have the equipment and the necessary expertise to provide you with efficient lifting equipment.

Furniture lift rental at a competitive rate

We provide you with our equipment as well as one of our technicians to assist you in your operations.

Our furniture lifts can lift objects weighing up to 400 kg (payload), to a maximum height of 30 meters (approximately 10 floors), and are subject to quality control renewed every year.

Our prices are competitive, and start from 300 CHF

We come where you need us

We operate throughout Switzerland as well as in the border regions on the French side (Rhine, Doubs, Jura and Savoie)