Moving to the Netherlands  

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Countries of the northwest of Europe, the Netherlands benefit from a very competitive economy thanks to the quality of their infrastructure, their education, as well as the level of diffusion of new technologies.
It is also one of the largest exporters of natural gas and oil in Europe.

On the tourist level, the country stands out for its numerous seaside resorts, its gardens as well as the relaxed and liberal atmosphere which reigns in its capital Amsterdam

The Netherlands has no shortage of assets or charm to give new impetus to your professional or personal life.
Find out how helvetia services can help you prepare and carry out your move as best as possible, so that this stage takes place efficiently and stress-free.

We support you throughout your project

We stay at your side, from the beginning of your project(volume estimation) to the end (final assembly of your furniture).

In addition to transport, our teams also take care of the packing, unpacking and assembly of your furniture and other goods, if necessary we can even take care of the transfer of your internet or electricity contracts.

Finally, we can be reached 7 days a week by email or telephone to answer all your questions quickly and efficiently

A company qualified in national & international moves

Some of our clients wish to move to Switzerland from another country, or to another country from Switzerland.

Gradually, we got into the habit of working with neighboring countries (France, Italy, Austria, Germany) and, exceptionally, much further.

We are able to support you in Portugal, while guaranteeing the same quality of service as for national moves.
Our team will accompany you in your country of origin and destination, and if necessary will contact local service providers in order to obtain the equipment, as well as the necessary contracts.

Guaranteed services at competitive prices

All our offers are guaranteed by insurance covering the countries of departure and destination.

Our prices are attractive, and do not suffer from comparison with the competition